Hello! So you’re interested in working with Passport of Wanderlust to create a fantastic integrated strategy? Great. Take a look at some of the offerings below and get in touch. Keep in mind that we can only accept proposals that are in the best interest of our audience.

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Reviews


We are able to review your accommodation, airline, food establishment, experience offerings and travel accessories. Honesty is a critical element of PPOW and as such, we will our genuine thoughts on your product/service.

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Giveaways


Everyone flocks to a freebie! With PPOW you can show people your product/service and make people want it and your brand. Giveaways are a great way to encourage positive word of mouth influence with your audience.

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Social Media

Social Media

Do you really have a product or service if the social media community doesn’t know about it? We can help you create an engaging strategy that will exhibit your brand to an active audience.

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Destinations


Have a destination that needs to be in the forefront of people’s minds? We can provide you with a comprehensive package which will evoke awareness and desire.

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Advertising


We can offer you a variety of visual promotion outlets. An exclusive opportunity is also available which will allow your brand to be showcased on every PPOW page.

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Guides


Do you have some helpful hints or a way to solve travel issues of PPOW readers? We can work with you to create a useful guide that will keep visitors coming back for more!

Passport of Wanderlust Collaboration - Custom


Something different in mind? We can work with you to create a tailored strategy that benefits both your brand and the PPOW audience.

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