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Rebecca Flavell from Passport of Wanderlust


Hi, I’m Bec! I’m based in Australia and am so happy you’ve decided to visit Passport of Wanderlust.

I’m another one of those 20-somethings who has been bitten by the travel bug. I’m also “that” person who needs to be the one to plan a holiday.  I also have a Bachelor of Communications (Marketing/PR) and a love of sharing my experiences and tips with others. You’ll find me pouring over reviews and researching the best way to book while sipping on a peppermint tea.


I first created Passport of Wanderlust in 2015 as a personal travel blog for my family and friends while I spent some time exploring the USA.

Now, I’ve decided to transform it into a comprehensive blog to help you plan your dream holiday. Passport of Wanderlust aims to teach Australians how to utilise frequent flyer points and miles to travel.

Here you’ll find Reviews on many aspects of travel – airlines, hotels, food, experiences and travel accessories.

But what good are reviews if you’re not actually able to make use of them? Sure, it’s nice to read about a Business class flight, but it’s not really helpful unless you can actually do that yourself. That’s why I’ve created free Guides for you that cover everything from Frequent Flyer Programs to Hotel Loyalty Programs and even Credit Card and Supermarket offers.

The Destinations section of the site offers you a range of articles from places I’ve been or are on my travel wishlist, while the News section will keep you in the loop with the latest ‘happenings’ in the travel world.

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, head to Trip Reports and read up on where I went, how I booked it and what I thought of it.

You’ll find some ads and affiliate links throughout my blog. These are what allow me to keep the blog up and running and continue providing you with content.


P.S – If you haven’t already, make sure you grab your FREE copy of my first eGuide, How to Book the Best Flight Deals.